Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Add a tweet button in your blog.

Adding the Tweet button to your blog is a very simple process. Just navigate to the Tweet button page, and then follow these steps:

There are three options for button layout, two of which include the tweet count. Select anyone one button for add blog.

This is completely new – after people use the Tweet button on your site, they will see who you’ve recommended they follow. The first account you should list is your own Twitter account; then you can also add another account to recommend. Perhaps in this space, you could add your company’s Twitter handle, an official blog Twitter handle, or a coworker/mentor. Or leave it blank.

Copy this HTML code

Now login your blogger account and go to design tab. See the following page

Click Add a Gadget and open an the following page

Now click on HTML/ Java Script and see this page

Here you write down the title and paste the HTML code of tweet button and click save. Also save your design page. 

Now visit your blog. You have successfully added the tweet button.

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