Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Schedule A Post in Blogger

Well I think now you already know how to make a sticky post in blogger and importance of a sticky post. So I decide to show you another basic blogger tip. That is “How to schedule a blog post”. Under this topic I will discuss about the importance of scheduling blog posts and how to do it.

First you should know what is meant by scheduling of a blog post. Just imagine that you are going to a faraway place for few days for your vacation. At that particular place you are staying, have no internet access. What will happen to your readers? The visitors are coming to your blog regularly to check whether there are any new posts to read. But if they don’t have to read any new post they will forget your blog. So it is important to post regularly to retain your regular visitors.

Then the question is how you can post regularly if you don’t have internet access for few weeks or months. The solution is simple. You can schedule your posts with blogger. That means you can write a post and schedule it to be posted on your blog in a future day.
Well now let me explain how to do this. I have used some screenshots to explain it very clearly.

1. First visit your blog Dashboard >> New Post

2. Then give your post a title and write down your content of the post

3. Now go to the bottom of the page and press on “Post Options” as I shown in following screen shot.

4. Then it will expand and you will see an option called “Post Date and Time”. In default it is selected “Automatic”. Change it to “Scheduled at” and it will expand.  Then change the date to a future date as I shown in above screen shot.

5. That’s all. Now preview your post and publish it.

6. Now go to your Dashboard >> New Post >> Edit Posts. Your post will be there and in front of the post you will see the word “Scheduled” and also you can see the date you have given to publish it.

Now you made a post to be published in a future day. Now you can go for your holidays without loosing your regular readers.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Add a tweet button in your blog.

Adding the Tweet button to your blog is a very simple process. Just navigate to the Tweet button page, and then follow these steps:

There are three options for button layout, two of which include the tweet count. Select anyone one button for add blog.

This is completely new – after people use the Tweet button on your site, they will see who you’ve recommended they follow. The first account you should list is your own Twitter account; then you can also add another account to recommend. Perhaps in this space, you could add your company’s Twitter handle, an official blog Twitter handle, or a coworker/mentor. Or leave it blank.

Copy this HTML code

Now login your blogger account and go to design tab. See the following page

Click Add a Gadget and open an the following page

Now click on HTML/ Java Script and see this page

Here you write down the title and paste the HTML code of tweet button and click save. Also save your design page. 

Now visit your blog. You have successfully added the tweet button.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Change Twitter Background Image and Colors

Twitter allows you to upload custom background. Its a nice way to use your brand logo and description as your Twitter Background. Follow the following steps to upload your customized twitter background.

Step 1. Sign In your Twitter account. Open your Twitter Profile. In the top navigation bar, click “Settings”

 Step 2. See the following page and click on “Design tab”

Step 3. To change your background click Change background image and select your photo in hard disk. After selecting your background photo then click “Save changes” In this same way you can change your theme color. Click Change design colors and select the color of background, text, links, sidebar, sidebar border and click “Save changes”.

You can also change your theme color. Click  Change design colors  and select the color of background, text,  links, sidebar, sidebar border and click “Save changes”.

In this way you may change your Background & Theme.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to create or join an account in Digg

Digg is a social news website. Digg's former popularity prompted the creation of other social networking sites with story submission and voting systems. Digg is a place for people to Discover and share content from anywhere on the web. Now we learn how to Join/Create an account in Digg.

1. Go to
2. See the following page and click Join Digg.

3. Now you get a Join Digg form, you must fill this form. Here you write down your Email Address, Username which are available and Password & click Continue.

4. Now you get a captcha, type this word and click Create Account.


5. You get a customize page. If you want to find your friend from other network on digg otherwise you may skip it then click Continue to My News. 

6. Now check your mail box, you will get an activation link. For activate your digg account click this link.  After clicking this link you account will be successfully create.

Now you log in digg account and enjoy it.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Create an account in Facebook

Facebook is a very popular social-networking website that allows anyone to sign up for their account. Facebook gives people the power to share and make the world more open and connected.

Go to and see the following Sign up page.
For signing up you have to fill up Name, email, password, sex, Date of birth and click the Next button.

Then you get a Security Check to prove you're human, not a machine and type this word and click Sign up button.

Facebook will automatically sent the confirmation link in your email account. Click this link, you will get a Facebook profile.

You can start to customize your profile page and add friends. You'll now have to go through a series of 3 steps to personalize your profile. First, Face book will offer to scour your email address book for people who are on face book who you can invite to be your friends. Simply enter your email address and password, and face book will find your friends. Select the ones you want to add click Allow to friends' at the bottom. This is completely optional and can be skipped it. Second, Here you will write down the name of School, College and Employer otherwise you may be skip it. Third, In this step you may upload your photo otherwise skip it.

After completing this step, you will be taken to your Facebook homepage. Your homepage displays your news feed, status (right), and added applications (left). Later, it will also display other useful links, such as friends' upcoming birthdays, notifications, invitations, etc.

You have successfully created an account in facebook. Now enjoy with Facebook.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Create a twitter account

Twitter is a free social messaging utility for staying connected in real-time. I f you would like to set up twitter account then follow the instruction step by step.

 Go to
After arrive at this site, see the following page.

 Then click Sign up Button

You will see the Twitter Registration page “Join the conversation”

You will be required all information very carefully. Then fill up Full Name, User Name, Password & valid mail address and Click “Create my account”.

Then you get a Captcha to prove you're human, not a machine and type this word and click finish button.

Pick sources that interest you (more on this below). Search for Friends and follow them. In this way you can create a Twitter Account

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to create a Blog using

Blogs are another kind of website. You can create it and also organized it’s content. If you are looking to create your own personal blog using, here is a step by step introduction to get you started & learn how to register for an account, pick your blog name, design your page and create blog entries with photos, hyperlinks and various fonts.

Follow the next step and create a blog.

You must have a gmail account to create a blog using If you don't have one, simply go to and create one. Consider creating a new, separate email address just for your blog. Once you have an gmail account set up, go to the website. You will notice a welcome page that asks you to sign up for a account. Enter your gmail account & password and click sign in button.


Then you get to choose the name and blog address. These are not necessarily occur, but is highly recommended do so. When choosing the direction, you can follow these tips already mentioned when choosing a domain name. The address you choose will be added with the suffix Therefore, try not be too long.Once you’ve written the address, click on the link that says “Check availability” It may happen that address you chose is already taken so keep entering different names till it says “The Blog address is available”

Try provided the address and name of your blog are the same. If you change the former, the latter also changes. It’s not necessary, but gives good results. The people generally remember the name of your blog and associate it with the suffix Your address and blog name are different, the thing is difficult. After selecting Blog title, Blog address (URL) and confirm word verification then click Continue.

Choose a template for your blog. This is the style and look of your web page. Blogger already has some preset designs that you can use. After choosing your template then click Continue.

So, you are done with all pre procedures and successfully created your blog then you will get a confirmation “Your blog has been created!’ and click “Start Bloging”.

You may post new blog under access dashboard. Under your blog title there is a highlighted blue button that says "New Post." Once you click on this button you will open a "New Post" page, this is where you will write your content.

Use your "New Post" page to change font styles and colors. At the top of the post box there are icons for all of these things. To change the font, click on drop-down box that says font, and choose from the list. To change the font color, click on the icon that has the letter "T" with a color palette behind it, and pick your color. After completing your Title & design then click “PUBLISH POST”. Then your post is published.

 That’s all. In this way you may create & access your blog from